• Unlock the Secrets to Odor Obedience

    Odor Fluency

    Let the science of learning improve your dog’s performance!

  • Experience the Power of Reinforcement

    Commitment to Odor

    ...starts with classical conditioning, clear criteria and back-chaining.

  • Get the Reliability You Always Wanted

    No More Guesswork!

    Teach a fluent final response step-by-step using clicker training principles.

  • Achieve Your Goals with Individualized Instruction

    Coaching & Support

    Detailed training plans, one-on-one coaching, supportive online forum, in-person web classes.

  • Be the Teacher & Teammate Your Dog Always Wanted!

    Clicker Training

    ... works for nosework too! Teach your dog exactly what YES means using a marker signal!.

  • Cyber Scent Makes a Difference!

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Eight-week, online pet manners course. Individualized coaching up to twice per week.

Ten-day, online clicker skills course. Perfect for in-home clients or pet parents new to clicker training!

Building foundation skills for scent detection sports for newbies or established search teams!