Cyber Scent Membership

Build that reliable response to odor you've always wanted--one click at a time!



Cyber Scent is an online monthly membership program taught by Karen Pryor Academy faculty members Helix Fairweather and Sarah Owings.


Completion of the Cyber Scent Course earns 12 KPA CEUs.

Liberty, trained by Cyber Scent graduate, Will Brunz, handled by Andrea Brunz.
Team Liberty had an amazing two days at her first ever scent detection trial, earning placements in all classes, High in Trial and three new titles, SBN, SCN, and SEN. We are very proud of Will, Andrea and Liberty.


Our program focuses on

  • teaching a powerful commitment to odor via classical conditioning.
  • teaching a fluent final response taught systematically using clicker training principles.

Cyber Scent foundation skills are taught with

  • finely split criteria.
  • back-chaining.
  • high rates of reinforcement.



Our Students Enjoy

  • one-on-one coaching.
  • detailed training plans.
  • bi-monthly online classroom sessions.
  • the convenience of working at their own pace.