Welcome to Cyber Dog and Meet the Trainers!

The Cyber Dog Course was develeoped by and is now being taught by Helix Fairweather and Sarah Owings. We are Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners which means we have been assessed and certified as excellent clicker training teachers and trainers.

Helix Fairweather

Helix Fairweather KPA CTP has been training with clicker training since 1996 and is truly committed to this way of communicating with dogs. She offers group classes and private consultations, all with the goal of helping people and their dogs learn live together and have fun. Her goal -- force-free training becoming the social norm.

A contributing author for Clean Run magazine and The Clicker Journal, Helix is a member of the Karen Pryor Academy faculty and an 11-year member of the Clicker Expo faculty. Helix holds a BS in physics from Oregon State University and an MS in physics and astrophysics from the University of New Mexico. She says, "I went off to grad school to be an astrophysicist and came back home hooked on dog training."

Helix lives with Joey (Bearded Collie) and the adorable PBGV, Rickie Roo-Roo (a PBGV - Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen). Rickie has earned her NACSW NW1 title recently - totally clicker trained for scent detection. To learn more about services from Helix Fairweather, click www.helixfairweather.com.

Teaching Online Classes Since 2001

Specializing in Fearful and Shy Dogs

Sarah Owings

Sarah Owings KPA CTP graduated with distinction from the Karen Pryor Academy in January 2010 and is the owner of Bridges Dog Training in Los Angeles, CA. Committed to providing pet owners with the most current, effective and humane training solutions, she has become an avid student of animal behavior and regularly attends seminars and conferences around the country. She has written articles for Clean Run and Veterinary Technician Magazine, and has produced numerous short videos on Clicker Training. One of her videos, "The Power of Premack: Fence Fighting," won 2nd runner up in the 2011 Canis Film Festival.

In addition to a lifetime of working and living with a wide variety of animals, Sarah has also had many years of experience as a kindergarten teacher where the joys and challenges of the classroom have fueled a passion for teaching, learning, and human connection as well. She lives in Los Angeles with her wonderfully supportive partner, Fred, and mom, Morgan, two rescue dogs, Zoƫ and Maya, five house rabbits, four cats, two doves, a tortoise, and an iguana named Spot. To learn more about services from Sarah Owings, click www.bridgesdogtraining.com.

Co-founder, Co-developer - Now Retired

Lynn Martin

Lynn Martin KPA CTP is the owner and trainer at the Northeast Dog Academy, located in the Newtown, PA. The Academy specializes in providing pet dog manners to companion dogs in the Board and Train venue. This is where positive reinforcement training meets the community!/p>

Lynn has a BS and an MS and practiced many years as an nurse anesthetist. When there was an opportunity to refocus her career path, Lynn knew that this was her chance to focus on her passion and become a professional dog trainer. After completing the program at Animal Behavior College and earning her certification with the Council on Certification for Pet Dog Trainers, Lynn attended Karen Pryor Academy and became a Certified Training Partner. To blend both her medical and canine careers, Lynn is a certified Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor.

Lynn shares her life with Ziva, a Wirehaired Vizsla with whom she competes in Rally and Obedience and Jake, her adored Cocker Spaniel. To learn more about services from Lynn Martin, click www.northeastdogacademy.com.


Breeder of Wire-Haired Vizslas